Bouquets on a Budget: 4 Ways to make the most of your Wedding flowers

Bouquets on a Budget: 4 Ways to make the most of your Wedding flowers

Bouquets on a Budget: 4 Ways to make the most of your Wedding flowers. Mobile Image

Mar 30, 2021

On your big day, the bouquets, and floral arrangements are one of the most important aspects. They bring a soft, even colorful sense of detail to your wedding that creates a truly bridal ambiance. Like all things, these petals come with a price tag, creating an issue for brides on a budget who do not want to miss out on the beautiful emotions that flower arrangements provide to any wedding venue. So, unless you won the lottery or have a connection to a florist who will give you the ‘hook-up’ (we’re jealous), then take a look at these 4 tricks to make your budget worth every stem.


  1. Make your own DIY bouquets

DIY flower arrangements are a great way to save money, while also being in control of what you want your bouquets and arrangements to look like! If you don’t have a niche for creating things in your own home, consult a florist for a pricing consultation using only false flowers, or false greenery. Using only a few real flowers to add color, like hydrangeas and roses, can cut down on the total cost dramatically and still looks beautiful!




When choosing your flowers and greenery for your wedding, instead of taking out a loan on arrangements that won’t last very long past your wedding date, try to utilize the ‘less is more’ aspect when making floral decisions. For example, one stem centerpieces are such a timeless look for any wedding and are extremely cost efficient in that only one flower is needed for each arrangement. You can incorporate individualized themes into the centerpieces by storing the stems in ocean glass, milk bottles, or plain glass vases.



Spray roses, bunches of smaller, ‘mini’ roses, can be used to bulk up your arrangements and bouquets. While these flowers are still roses, they spread across your arrangements much easier than larger roses do. If you’re going for a more boho theme to your wedding, pairing spray roses of yellow, pink, or white color with eucalyptus and pampas grass makes for a beautiful eclectic feeling wedding. This option is also more cost effective, because the roses are smaller than regular roses, and just a timeless!



4. The more greenery, the better!

Greenery, such as eucalyptus or fern leaves provide such a trendy and soft look to any bouquet, and they are used as great fillers for florist to complete the final look of any arrangement. When creating and deciding on a look for you wedding, consider being very generous with the amount of greenery that you use within your wedding flowers! Greenery is generally very cheap and is easy to embellish with small colored flowers or ribbon!