Encouragement During COVID-19

Encouragement During COVID-19

Encouragement During COVID-19. Mobile Image

May 07, 2020

Is coronavirus quarantine making you go crazy? Has your wedding planning come to a halt because of all the unknowns of the future? Are you fearing that you might have to cancel if this goes on much longer?

These are all questions that we are brides are asking ourselves, and yes that's me too experiencing all of this with you. With quarantine and stay at home orders looking over our shoulders, what wedding planning can we get done?

Well, brides, I've come up with a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help with the eagerness of wedding planning and not being able to meet outside of your home.


First off, zoom calls. We may not all love them but during this time it is so helpful to have access to technology like this. Ask your vendors, coordinators, and bridal party to participate in a zoom call with you. Not only is this a good way to get details organized, but this might also ease some nerves about not being able to do these things in person.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get to those zoom calls.


Second, start doing those little details that you may have forgotten if you were in full swing of wedding planning. Because things have slowed down, this gives you time to put more thought into the little things. What I mean by this is order those wedding shoes, garter or earrings online; find some of those parent gifts on Etsy that you love and order them. These things easily get overlooked and now you have time to invest in them. When you focus on even the little things, you have something to get excited about and having to stay at home while wedding planning doesn't seem so painful.


Last but not least, keep connected with those around you, physically or virtually. It is really hard to plan a wedding on your own and you may feel like you’re alone because we are all having to stay home right now, trust me I get it. You’re not alone. Text your best girls or guys in your bridal party and talk about wedding things or whatever you want to because they are there for you even if you can be face-to-face. Talk to your parents about wedding things and get them involved, they would love to hear it. A really good idea would be to research bridal Facebook groups and join one. Hearing from ladies who are going exactly what you’re going through can be so relieving.


Brides, just know that this won’t last forever and you will get through it. Whether you have to postpone your big day or change it to be more intimate, you are still getting to marry the man of your dreams and that’s what really matters.