Ways to Make an Intimate Wedding Your Dream Wedding

Ways to Make an Intimate Wedding Your Dream Wedding

Ways to Make an Intimate Wedding Your Dream Wedding. Mobile Image

May 22, 2020

With everything happening with coronavirus, a lot of us are having to downsize our weddings. This may not be the wedding that you have been dreaming of since you were little, but it sure can be with just a few tweaks to your plan.


Downsizing a wedding means having to invite less people, this hurts and it’s not what you expected but you can still invite all those people who are important to you. Pick out those family members that you couldn’t imagine the day without and invite them first. Once you’ve reached the limit of how many you can invite, invite everyone else to a Zoom call, Skype or Facetime. This is a way that everyone can be there and celebrate that big day with you.


Another way to make this your dream wedding is by picking a smaller venue. Find a local bed and breakfast, small venue or park and have your wedding there. You can make it dreamy with flowers and whatever décor you want. You can spruce it up and add personality, this may make it even more sentimental than your original wedding idea. 


Another thing ask you photographer if they can be there and add them into your headcount. Just because you aren’t having a huge party for your wedding doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful and you’re going to want those pictures to remember the day you got to marry your best friend. Having a smaller wedding and having your photographer there ensures that you will have time for those stunning wedding pictures with your hubby that you have always wanted.


This may not be exactly what you pictured for your wedding day, but it will sure be special and unforgettable. This will be something that you will look back on and be able to share with your children one day.