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Because trusting and being completely comfortable with your bridal stylist?



It’s the difference between feeling how you’ve always dreamed you’d feel in your wedding dress (beautiful, timeless, loved!) ... versus settling for a dress that’s pretty, but not quite you.


Not to worry, sweet bride, we’re in your corner, and there are two things we know for sure:


1) We’re going to be fast friends. 2) You’re going to find your dress.


Keep scrolling to meet your biggest cheerleaders and wedding gown go-to team.

There’s a lot of pressure to look and feel a certain way on your wedding day.

“What if I don’t get ‘that feeling’ - that mic drop, only-in-the-movies moment of seeing myself in the dress?”

Butterflies and excitement and nerves aside - *checks wedding planner* - the time to start looking for your dress is now. So here you are, trying to make this once-in-a-lifetime decision about where to shop for this once-in-a-lifetime gown. Hoping, praying, and crossing your fingers that you find a shop with the most gorgeous dresses (of course!) and a stylist who:

  • Will never make you feel rushed, pushed, or hurried into buying.
  • Welcomes and values your ideas, style, creativity, customizations, and input!
  • Is approachable, friendly, and professional in every way.

That shop and those stylists you’re looking for? That’s exactly us!

Simply put: We take a more personal, people-first approach when helping you find the wedding dress of your dreams.

1. Relationships Matter Most

We’ll get to know you before you shop with us, creating an experience that feels like the arms of a trusted friend, and is totally tailored to you.

2. Timeless Over Trends

We focus on listening to our brides and filling our shop with the styles they want - not chasing the latest trends just because. Your creativity and custom orders are always more than welcome.

3. Celebrating Our Brides

Have we mentioned that we’re here for you, dear much-loved bride? Your time shopping with us will be a celebration of you, your future, and all the good things you have ahead.

Our Values


  • Each and every bride who walks in our door is so special and valued, and worthy of feeling that way.
  • Uniqueness and creativity are meant to be celebrated. We will never try to fit you into a box of what a bride is ‘supposed to be.’
  • That our experience, care, and expertise make us the best at what we do.
  • In taking the time to really know and listen to our brides, carefully considering every detail of their day and how they want to feel when helping them choose a dress.

If you scrolled all this way, we’re guessing you might be ...


Wondering where to start?


If you’re dreaming of a wedding dress shopping experience that values you - your creativity, style, personality, and hopes for how you want to feel in your bridal gown - look no further, sweet friend. We would be honored to help you find your dress ... and to cherish, listen to, and celebrate you at every step of the process.